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Mesoamerican Vanilla | Grade B | 1 lb. Bulk Vanilla Beans

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These Vanilla Beans (pods) are grown on a family run boutique farm on the South Coast of Guatemala. Nestled in the hills of the historic Finca San Isidro, the warm and humid climate allows for a near idyllic setting to produce Pacific Mazatenango Vanilla Pods. The Vanilla Orchids are well cared for under the shade trees as they mature over 9 months to grow and develop their pods. 

Once harvested, the drying process is what separates these Vanilla Beans from the rest. The highest levels of care and attention is paid to each bean. The result is a rich and creamy taste profile with a caramelized brown sugar and buttery aroma. 

Pacific Mazatenango Vanilla Grade B Beans

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Why is Vanilla so expensive?

All throughout the Twentieth Century Madagascar has produced 80% of the worlds vanilla. The instability of the Madagascar vanilla market allowed for other growing regions to step into the worldwide Vanilla Market. A series of events lead to a worldwide vanilla Bean shortage:

  • Beginning in the mid-1990s, at the insistence of global financial institutions, the Malagasy government deregulated local vanilla markets.
  • In 2000, one of the largest cyclones in the region’s history devastated prime cropland across Madagascar
  • Major Manufacturers increase demand for pure vanilla
  • The Vanilla Orchids take 2-3 years to mature and produce